Explore Kansas-Missouri

Kansas City is a town with a colorful past and a promising future; it is big and sprawling, diverse and dynamic, sophisticated and down-home. KC is big in miles, straddling a state line and encompassing 13 counties, and with a population that numbers more than 1.776 million people in more than 100 communities.

Wichita is the largest city in the state of Kansas, with an in-city population of over 350,000 residents and more than 580,000 residents in the overall metropolitan area. Located in the south central portion of the state on the Arkansas River, the city is a major center for manufacturing, trade and culture. 

The capital of Kansas is Topeka, located 60 miles west of the Kansas City metropolitan area. Once a key outpost along the Oregon Trail, the city has transformed into a political and industrial hub.

Springfield is Missouri’s third largest city, and the metropolitan center for the southwest portion of the state. The population in 2003 was estimated as Urban to be 94,317, Suburban population to be 144,592, and the rural population to be 100,851 with a total of 339,760 for Springfield. Just north of Springfield with a population of only around 40,000 residents, Jefferson City (located roughly in the center of Missouri) is a relatively quiet state capital.